What Americans should know regarding the issue of abortion

Here are some things that every American should know regarding the issue of abortion:

  • Over 1 million unborn children are killed every year as a result of a legal abortion in the United States.
  • 99 percent of the abortions that are performed in the United States are performed prior to the 21st week of pregnancy.
  • Abortion-on-demand has been legalized during all nine months of pregnancy in the United States as a result of the final ruling in the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases in the United States.
  • Over 56 million unborn babies have died as a result of legal abortion in the United States since January 22, 1973, when the final decision of the Roe v. Wade case was made by the United States Supreme Court.
  • The Roe v. Wade decision has had many bad consequences during the last 42 years, including the following:
    • An increase in the abortion rate in the United States following the Roe v. Wade decision
    • Political support for legalized abortion at the state and federal levels in the United States
    • The deaths of over 56 million aborted babies in the United States
  • Only 35 percent of Americans who participated in a poll taken by Opinion Research Corporation in 2012 believe that abortion-on-demand should be legal in all circumstances.
  • The majority of Americans oppose unrestricted abortion on demand during all nine months of pregnancy, even though Roe v. Wade requires abortion to be legal during at least the first five months of pregnancy and also requires abortion to be legal during all nine months of pregnancy in cases where an abortion is deemed “necessary, in appropriate medical judgment, for the preservation of the life or health of the mother”.
  • The United States is only one of five countries in the world to allow abortion on demand for any reason during all 9 months of pregnancy. The other 4 countries where abortion on demand is legal for any reason during all 9 months of pregnancy are Canada, China, North Korea, and Vietnam.
  • Legal abortions are sometimes more dangerous than childbirth since some women will suffer serious complications following an abortion. Additionally, there have been cases where women have died from the complications of legal abortions performed in the United States since Roe v. Wade.
  • Some post-abortive women actually do regret having undergone an abortion, and some women who do not regret the decision immediately after the abortion will eventually regret that decision.
  • Substandard conditions can be found at many abortion clinics throughout the United States, and the substandard conditions do endanger the health of women who undergo abortions in the United States.
  • While abortion is constitutionally protected in the United States as a result of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions, infanticide of a newborn baby by an act or omission after birth is not currently constitutionally protected like abortion is.
  • Some of the advocates of legalized infanticide of newborn babies call such acts of infanticide “after-birth abortions”, but the killing of a newborn baby by an act or omission after birth does not constitute an abortion because an abortion only includes the deaths of unborn children who are killed by an act or omission committed prior to birth or during the actual termination of pregnancy.
  • The infanticide of newborn babies who are unwanted by their mothers is still happening in the United States despite the availability of abortion on demand during all nine months of pregnancy within the United States.
  • Of the over 4 million pregnancies that are carried past the point of viability in the United States every year, only 10,000 of those pregnancies are ended through late term abortion.
  • Human embryos and human fetuses are unborn human beings and were so from the moment of conception.
  • A human fetus is always a human being by definition, even though there are some abortion rights advocates who deny that human fetuses are human beings prior to birth.
  • Some of the supporters of the right to an abortion have openly admitted that an abortion is the killing of an unborn human being.
  • Human fetuses are more than simply blobs of tissue for the following reasons:
    • Human embryos and human fetuses will develop into complete human beings if they do not die prior to birth.
    • Human embryos and human fetuses are complete human organisms that are separate from that of their mothers.
    • Human fetuses have already taken on human form after approximately 3 to 4 weeks post-fertilization.
  • One of the things that distinguishes a human embryo or a human fetus from the organs of the mother is that human embryos and human fetuses have a unique genetic identity that is different from the mother and that includes genetic material from the father.
  • Most of the pregnant women who are considering an abortion are only willing to do so if abortion is legal and easily available.
  • If more pregnant women who are in unplanned, unintended, or unwanted pregnancies were afforded easier access to pro-life crisis pregnancy assistance, fewer of these women would be willing to undergo an abortion.
  • There is a need for pro-life crisis pregnancy assistance in the United States, even if such assistance is opposed by the abortion industry or would hurt the bottom line of abortion providers, because pro-life crisis pregnancy assistance serves many purposes, including the following:
    • Lets women who are in crisis pregnancies know that there is hope and that abortion is not the only option available to them
    • Allows pregnant women to obtain counseling in an environment where they will not be coerced into having an abortion
    • Enables pregnant women to obtain prenatal medical care that is generally not available at an abortion clinic
    • Provides a pregnant woman who is considering giving up their unborn child for adoption with the assistance needed to give up their unborn child for adoption in the event that she chooses to give up her unborn child for adoption
    • Saves lives of unborn children who would otherwise be lost as a result of abortion or infanticide
    • Provides low-income women with the assistance that they need to raise their children if their children are not given up for adoption
  • The vast majority of pregnancies that are aborted in the United States are the result of voluntary sexual intercourse and could have been avoided in the first place through sexual abstinence.
  • Abortion rights organizations frequently argue that a woman should have a right to do whatever she wants with her own body, but this argument contains major flaws, including the following:
    • A woman does not have an absolute right to do whatever she wants with her body. For example, she cannot abuse illegal drugs, engage in incest, or engage in illegal sexual acts with a minor.
    • Most women are usually unwilling to undergo the elective removal of a healthy organ of their own bodies.
    • Both the fact that the woman is carrying an unborn human being and the consequences that will result if the pregnancy is not aborted are usually essential to a woman’s decision to undergo an abortion.
  • Abortion rights advocates frequently claim that women need to have a right to an abortion in order to continue their education, to have a career, or to have a good paying job, but this argument is flawed for several reasons, including the following:
    • Women are capable of choosing to abstain from sexual activity and are usually able to prevent unplanned pregnancies from occurring in the first place by choosing to abstain from sexual activity.
    • Some women are still able to continue their education, hold employment, or have a career while they are pregnant or while they are raising children.
  • Many pregnant women who seek reproductive medical services at abortion providers are often coerced into having abortions, and this coercion is done so that abortion providers can do as many abortions as they can, and this leads to increased profit for the abortion provider.
  • Many abortion clinics are willing to conceal the pregnancies of sexually abused minor girls by performing abortions and by failing to comply with mandatory reporting laws that require abortion clinics to report suspicions of sexual abuse and statutory rape.
  • Government funding of Planned Parenthood in the United States does enable Planned Parenthood to make additional profit off of abortions, and such government funding has led to an increase in the number of abortions being performed at Planned Parenthood.
  • Many abortion providers in the United States oppose pro-life laws that restrict abortion because of the adverse effects of these pro-life laws on abortion businesses, even though most of these pro-life laws do not make it legally impossible for abortion clinics to perform abortions.
  • Opposition to a pro-life law by the abortion industry is not sufficient to make a pro-life law unconstitutional.
  • A pro-life law that is opposed by the abortion industry can be constitutionally permissible in the United States if all of the following are true:
    • In the case of state laws, proper procedure was followed by the state legislature and by the governor
    • In the case of federal laws, proper procedure was followed by the United States Congress and by the President of the United States
    • The pro-life law restricts abortion procedures in a manner that is in and of itself constitutionally permissible
    • The pro-life law does not pose an undue burden on pregnant women who are considering undergoing an abortion
  • Planned Parenthood claims to be a non-profit organization, but this organization makes over 50 million dollars in profit every year. As such, Planned Parenthood should be stripped of its non-profit status.

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