What is wrong with Planned Parenthood?

Even though many people believe that Planned Parenthood is a “trusted health care provider” who “delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide,” there are many things wrong with Planned Parenthood.

Here are some of the things that are wrong with Planned Parenthood:

  • Planned Parenthood is primarily in the business of providing abortions, despite statistics which claim that only 3% of its services are abortions, because abortions are its primary source of revenue and because Planned Parenthood’s core service is abortion.
  • Planned Parenthood is focusing on growing its abortion business and increasing its profit margin instead of concentrating on its non-abortion services.
  • In cases where a pregnant woman whose pregnancy is unplanned comes into a Planned Parenthood clinic, the Planned Parenthood clinic will usually encourage her to undergo an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic instead of providing her with the help that she needs in order to have the baby and to either give up the baby for adoption or to take care of the baby after birth.
  • Planned Parenthood receives over $500 million in taxpayer money every year, and this taxpayer money does enable Planned Parenthood to perform more abortions by freeing up other money that Planned Parenthood does have.
  • An increase in the amount of taxpayer funding that Planned Parenthood receives leads to both an increase in the amount of abortions and an decrease in the amount of non-abortion services being provided by Planned Parenthood.
  • Planned Parenthood operates the largest abortion facility in the United States, which is located in Houston, TX, and this abortion facility opened on May 11, 2010.
  • Many of the activities that Planned Parenthood engages in are intrinsically evil, including but not limited to performing abortions, providing contraceptives for the purposes of preventing pregnancy, obtaining money for abortions through fraudulent billing to government health care programs, indoctrinating children into engaging in intrinsically evil sexual acts through sex education programs, and formally cooperating in intrinsically evil acts by actively promoting abortion, contraception, and non-marital sexual activity.
  • Planned Parenthood clinics often cover up the sexual abuse of pregnant minors by failing to report the sexual abuse of pregnant minors as required under sexual abuse reporting laws.
  • Planned Parenthood clinics are willing to facilitate sex trafficking and the sexual abuse of minors by providing sex traffickers and sexual abusers with contraceptives and by allowing these abusers to bring the girls who they are sexually abusing into Planned Parenthood clinics for an abortion if these girls who are being sexually abused become pregnant.
  • Planned Parenthood workers misrepresent the facts of fetal development and dehumanize the unborn child in order to persuade potential abortion patients that it is not a baby that they are aborting.
  • Some of the women who have undergone abortions at a Planned Parenthood clinic have suffered serious complications that required emergency medical treatment. In addition, Tonya Reaves died from an abortion performed at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago in July 2012.
  • Planned Parenthood has attempted to cover up the botched abortion incidents by lying to those who are seeking to obtain an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic and falsely claiming that these botched abortion incidents did not occur.
  • Women and girls have been harmed as a result of various activities by Planned Parenthood, including but not limited to botched abortions, cover-up of the sexual abuse of minors, misrepresentation of the facts of fetal development, misrepresentation of the safety of the abortion procedures being performed at Planned Parenthood clinics, and coercion into undergoing an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic.
  • Planned Parenthood actively promotes activities that are always intrinsically evil and always seriously contrary to natural law and divine law, including abortion, contraception, and non-marital sexual activity.
  • Planned Parenthood clinics have quotas for abortions and will coerce women and girls who are pregnant into undergoing an abortion in order to make money and fulfill quotas for abortion.
  • Planned Parenthood will provide contraceptives that are known to fail to prevent unplanned pregnancies since it knows that providing contraceptives will lead to unplanned pregnancies and create demand for its abortion services.
  • Planned Parenthood contributes money to and participates in the political campaigns of pro-abortion candidates in order to advance its pro-abortion agenda.
  • Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs are designed to create demand for abortion by encouraging children to engage in non-marital sexual activity prior to adulthood and by weakening the sexual inhibitions of children.
  • Children are being exposed to inappropriate sexually explicit content through Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs.
  • Through its sex education programs, Planned Parenthood attempts to normalize sexual behaviors that in reality are intrinsically evil and abnormal behavior, including pre-marital intercourse, masturbation, sodomy, and BDSM.
  • Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist, a supporter of birth control, and supported the elimination of minority populations.
  • Planned Parenthood continues to target minority populations and most of its clinics in the United States are located in minority neighborhoods.
  • Planned Parenthood is believed to be involved in the sale of fetal body parts obtained from aborted babies.

It is very obvious that there are a lot of things wrong with Planned Parenthood, and abortion is at the tip of that iceberg. Planned Parenthood needs to be stripped of its government funding and people need to stop donating to Planned Parenthood because the government funds and donations are going towards expanding Planned Parenthood’s abortion business instead of helping women, because some of the funding is being spent on sex education programs that are designed to encourage non-marital sexual activity and increase demand for abortions, because Planned Parenthood has lied to the government and its donors in order to receive government funding and donations, because at least some Planned Parenthood clinics are engaging in illegal conduct, and because Planned Parenthood engages in activities that are morally objectionable.

Here is a link to Planned Parenthood Exposed by Live Action that exposes the abuses that are happening at Planned Parenthood clinics in the United States.

Here is a link to the STOPP project by the American Life League, which also exposes what is going behind the scenes at Planned Parenthood.


Abortion-on-demand is legal during all 9 months of pregnancy in the United States

The United States is currently only one of five countries in the world to have legal abortion-on-demand during all nine months of pregnancy. The other countries with legal abortion-on-demand during all nine months of pregnancy are Canada, China, North Korea, and Vietnam. Abortion-on-demand has been effectively legalized during all nine months of pregnancy in the United States as a result of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases.

In Roe v. Wade, the United States Supreme Court decided that “For the stage subsequent to viability the State, in promoting its interest in the potentiality of human life, may, if it chooses, regulate, and even proscribe, abortion except where necessary, in appropriate medical judgment, for the preservation of the life or health of the mother.” The Supreme Court also decided in Doe v. Bolton case that “the medical judgment may be exercised in the light of all factors – physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman’s age – relevant to the wellbeing of the patient. All these factors may relate to health. This allows the attending physician the room he needs to make his best medical judgment. And it is room that operates for the benefit, not the disadvantage, of the pregnant woman.” Even though the officially stated intent of the “health of the mother exception” was to ensure that pregnant women could obtain access to procedures that were necessary for the “preservation of the health of the mother,” the real effect of this exception was to allow abortion-on-demand to be legally justified after viability for any reason on the grounds that the “health of the mother” would be endangered if an abortion was not performed.

Despite the fact that the term “health” was broadly defined in Doe v. Bolton to include “physical, emotional, and psychological well-being”, the fact that the so-called “health of the mother” is in danger during the pregnancy does not necessarily imply that an abortion is necessary because the health of the mother is often capable of being preserved by means that do not entail an abortion, the termination of pregnancy, the death of an unborn child, or premature birth. In fact, in most pregnancies, an abortion is not the only means of preserving the so-called “health of the mother.” Caesarean section delivery and induced childbirth also have the effect of ending the pregnancy and are also capable of preserving the “health of the mother”, but these procedures differ from post-viability abortions because these procedures do not entail actively killing an unborn child like most post-viability abortion procedures do. Furthermore, most of the abortions being performed at American abortion clinics are being performed primarily for the purposes of getting rid of an unborn child who is unwanted by his or her mother, and most of these pregnancies could have been safely carried to term with proper medical care if there wasn’t an attempt to undergo an abortion.

While the officially stated intent of the “health of the mother exception” was to ensure that a pregnant woman would “benefit” from abortions performed in cases where the abortion was determined to be “necessary for the preservation of the health of the mother,” many post-abortive women have experienced harm to their “health” or their “physical, emotional, or psychological well-being” as a result of the complications of a prior legal abortion. Furthermore, there have even been cases where women have died from legal abortion procedures in the United States, including the death of Karnamaya Mongar by Kermit Gosnell at his former abortion clinic in 2009, the death of Tanya Reaves by Mandy Gittler at a Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic in 2012, and the death of Jennifer Morbelli by Leroy Carhart at his abortion clinic in 2013. It is obviously clear from the harm caused to the health of post-abortive women and the deaths arising from legal abortions that abortions are not always effective in preserving the health of the mother, and most of these post-abortive women who have been harmed as a result of legal abortion procedures would not have experienced this harm if they carried their pregnancies to term and had their babies. Furthermore, Karnamaya Mongar, Tanya Reaves, and Jennifer Morbelli would probably be alive today if they had chosen to carry their pregnancies to term and they didn’t undergo an abortion.

The requirement for abortion to be legal in cases where it is “necessary, in appropriate medical judgment, for the preservation of the health of the mother” has often failed to preserve the “health of the mother” due to the adverse harm that many post-abortive women experience as a result of a prior abortion. The death of an unborn child as a result of a prior abortion is one of the causes of the harm to the “emotional and psychological well-being” of a post-abortive women. The unsanitary conditions at many abortion clinics, the failure to take reasonable measures to protect the health of the mother, and the carelessness of many abortionists also contribute to the harm to the “physical, emotional, and psychological well-being” of post-abortive women. Furthermore, many post-abortive women face an increased risk of breast cancer and an increased risk of complications in future pregnancies as a result of undergoing an abortion. Even though the United States Supreme Court had admitted in Doe v. Bolton that the state has a legitimate interest in protecting women from harm resulting from an abortion, the United States Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton fail to take into consideration the harm that many post-abortive women face as a result of a legal abortion procedure.

Abortionists often make medical judgments that are not in the best interest of their patients in order to advance their business interests and to increase their profits. Additionally, many abortionists who perform elective abortions at American abortion clinics attempt to increase their profits by failing to maintain sanitary conditions, coercing potential patients into consenting to an abortion, rushing patients through abortions, and failing to follow up on complications arising from abortions. The carelessness of many American abortionists has led to complications that should not have occurred as well as deaths of post-abortive women that should not have happened. Increased regulation of abortion facilities in the United States is essential to protecting women from the dangers of legal abortions, and these regulations must be enforced, even if it affects the bottom line of abortion providers or if the regulations lead to the closure of abortion clinics, because the government has a legitimate interest in protecting women from the harm arising from abortion procedures.

The United States Supreme Court needs to revisit the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases for several reasons. First, these decisions have enabled abortion-on-demand to be legal for any reason during all nine months of pregnancy up to the moment of birth. Second, the imposition of the requirement of the “health of the mother” exception has led to abortions being performed in circumstances where the abortion is not needed to preserve the life or health of the mother. Third, the legalization of abortion-on-demand during all nine months of pregnancy has had adverse effects on the health of post-abortive women and will continue to result in harm to women who undergo abortions while abortion-on-demand is legal and available. Fourth, the legalization of abortion and the availability of abortion has led to the deaths of over 50 million unborn children, an increased willingness to abort unplanned pregnancies, and an increased willingness to kill unwanted children after birth through infanticide. Fifth, both of these decisions are the result of false statements made by the plaintiffs and their attorneys, judicial errors by United States Supreme Court judges, and a misinterpretation of the provisions of the United States Constitution that were applied in these cases. Finally, the reversal of these decisions will protect women from the dangers of abortion procedures, will reduce the demand for abortion in the United States, will reduce the number of unborn children being killed as a result of abortion, and will protect the right to life of unborn children.

The problems with most sex education programs

Even though there are some people who claim that sex education programs are intended to prevent unplanned pregnancies and out-of-wedlock births, many sex education programs actively promote immoral sexual behaviors that do lead to unplanned pregnancies and out-of-wedlock pregnancies. In fact, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers do attempt to increase the demand for abortions through sex education programs that promote immoral sexual behaviors which in turn lead to unplanned pregnancies.

One of the major problems with sex education is that most sex education programs promote sexual behaviors that are always evil in and of themselves, regardless of the intention or the circumstances. The only kind of sexual act that can ever be morally good is natural sexual relations between a husband and wife which is capable of causing the conception of new human life and that is open to new human life. All other kinds of sexual acts, including premarital sex, adultery, contracepted intercourse, masturbation, and sodomy, are intrinsically evil acts that always seriously offend God. In fact, most of the sex education programs actively promote sexual acts that are intrinsically evil, and these sex education programs should never have actively promoted any sexual behaviors that are intrinsically evil in the first place because such behaviors are always morally wrong by the very nature of the act. Additionally, most sex educators are formally cooperating in sexual sins that seriously offend God by approving of and actively promoting sexual behaviors that are intrinsically evil, and such cooperation is never morally permissible.

Besides promoting sexual behaviors that are intrinsically evil, there are other major problems with most sex education programs, including the following:

  • Overexposure to sexually explicit content
  • An increased desire for sexual activity during childhood
  • Less self-control over sexual emotions
  • An increased willingness to engage in immoral sex behaviors
  • Weakening the mental barriers to immoral sexual activity
  • Weakening the natural inhibitions to sexual behavior during childhood
  • An increase in the teen pregnancy rate
  • Increased demand for birth control and abortion

Comprehensive sex education programs that promote immoral sexual behaviors should be eliminated from schools, but children should certainly be taught right from wrong in the area of human sexuality prior to their teenage years in a manner that does not promote immoral sexual activities. Instead of promoting intrinsically evil sexual activities, children should be taught that the only proper place for sexual activity is between a husband and wife who are married to each other, that sexual activity outside of marriage is always morally wrong and always seriously offends God, and that the only kind of sexual act which can be morally good is natural marital relations between a husband and wife that is capable of causing the conception of new human life and that is also open to new human life. Additionally, children should be taught how to resist peer pressure to engage in premarital sexual activity. If immoral sexual activity wasn’t actively promoted, if kids were taught that sexual activity outside of marriage is always morally wrong, and if kids were taught how to resist peer pressure to premarital sexual activity, fewer teenagers would be sexually active, more teenagers would have self-control over their sexual desires, there would be fewer teen pregnancies, there would be fewer abortions, and there would be an increased willingness to abstain from premarital sexual activity.