Why should abortion become illegal?

Abortion should be outlawed because an abortion causes the death of an unborn child, who is an innocent human being and was so from the moment of conception. Even though unborn human children should have a constitutionally guaranteed right to life under the United States Constitution, they are currently deprived of a constitutionally guaranteed right because the United States Supreme Court decided that unborn children are not human persons under the United States Constitution in the Roe v. Wade case. Our founding fathers did intend for the right to life to extend to unborn children, and the authors of the 14th Amendment did not intend to deprive unborn children of the right to life.

In addition to killing unborn children, abortion should also be outlawed for the following reasons:

  • To encourage women who are in crisis pregnancies to carry their pregnancies to term where possible
  • To protect the right to life of unborn children prior to birth
  • To discourage women from using abortion as a backup form of birth control
  • To prevent abortion from being used as a means of getting rid of an unborn child who is unwanted by his or her mother
  • To prevent the cover-up of rape, incest, and child abuse
  • To deter abortions performed for the purposes of sexual selection
  • To protect pregnant women from the harm that results from abortion procedures that are currently legal
  • To protect unborn children from birth defects that might result if born alive after a failed abortion
  • To deter abortionists from committing acts of infanticide against newborn babies

Live Action recently published an article on their blog listing 3 reasons why abortion should be banned, which can be found at here. TFP lists 10 reasons why abortion should be illegal here.


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