The effects of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases

The Roe v. Wade and the Doe v. Bolton cases have resulted in the following consequences since these cases were decided by the United States Supreme Court:

  • The deaths of over 55 million aborted babies
  • The deaths of over 400 post-abortive women from the complications of legal abortion procedures
  • Unborn children being deprived of the right to life prior to birth
  • Abortion being legal during all 9 months of pregnancy within the United States
  • An increased willingness by some women who are faced with an unwanted pregnancy to undergo an abortion
  • An increased willingness to abort by some women who become pregnant as a result of contraceptive failure
  • Health care fraud being committed by Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers within the United States
  • A legal abortion industry that is largely unregulated within the United States
  • Unsanitary conditions in American abortion clinics
  • Political support for legalized abortion by some American politicians
  • Political support for a constitutionally guaranteed right to an abortion by some American politicians
  • Support for the legalization of infanticide by some pro-abortion politicians, some abortionists, and some reproductive rights organizations
  • Attempts to mandate coverage for legal abortion procedures under health care plans at the federal level and also at the state level in some states
  • Challenges to pro-life laws that regulate abortion procedures in federal courts by the abortion industry

Here are links to some articles that explain the risks of legal abortion procedures:


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