An abortion-free America is possible

Even though some people do believe that an abortion-free America is not possible, an abortion-free America is certainly possible. Despite what abortion rights advocates argue, there are things that can be done to reduce the demand for abortion in the United States. One of things that is currently happening in the United States that would enable an abortion-free America is the closure of abortion clinics. There is certainly more that needs to be done to make the United States abortion-free, but progress is being made.

Here are the things that need to be done to make the United States abortion-free:

  • Providing women who are faced with crisis pregnancies with the help that they need to safely carry their babies to term, regardless of the circumstances of conception, the health of the mother, or the health of the unborn child
  • Encouraging women who do not want to raise their child after birth to give up their baby for adoption
  • Providing mothers who want to raise their children on their own after a crisis pregnancy with the appropriate assistance
  • Showing love for pregnant minor girls and pregnant women who are faced with crisis pregnancies and letting them know that there are options other than abortion
  • Advertising pro-life crisis pregnancy services on television, radio, billboards, and in newspapers
  • Abolishing government funding for abortion procedures
  • Removing abortion from health insurance coverage
  • Making further advances in medicine so that the lives and health of pregnant women can be preserved without having to resort to abortions
  • Developing technologies that would allow babies to survive outside of the womb earlier than 22 weeks post-fertilization
  • Amending the United States Constitution to include an amendment that would ensure that legitimate laws which regulate or prohibit abortion procedures are constitutional and legally enforceable
  • Reversing the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions through a U.S. Supreme Court case or making these decisions inapplicable to laws that regulate or prohibit abortion through an amendment to the United States Constitution
  • Making it illegal for physicians to perform an abortion that physically destroys the body of an unborn child in a manner that is fatal to the unborn child being aborted
  • Making infanticide illegal and also making it illegal for abortionists to kill unborn children who are born alive subsequent to a failed abortion
  • Reducing the rate of sexual promiscuity, prostitution, and non-marital sexual activity within the United States
  • Ensuring that pregnant minor girls and pregnant women under the age of 23 can receive the assistance they need to complete their educations
  • Providing mothers with the assistance needed to make a good living while raising children

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